Hernia?!? What’s a hernia?

Have you ever been playing a sport and felt like you “pulled your groin”? There’s a good chance you may have done more than just pull a muscle, you could have potentially torn a muscle causing a herniation. A hernia is a soft tissue injury that occurs in the groin/lower abdominal area, usually caused by a weakness in the muscle or fascia. When this weakness is combined with hard exertion or a strong contraction (think of a fast twisting motion, or a quick change in direction), a tear in the muscle may occur.

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Guest Author Series – Sticking To Your Exercise Plan

One of the greatest aspects of working at a University is the abundance of resources at your fingertips. Resources to help educate, to inspire change as a community, and to support the growth and evolution of the individual. This week we are fortunate enough to have a guest author to share her insights and to empower our readers to achieve the goals they have set for themselves.

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I Like The Way You Move…

Every time you visit the doctor’s office what’s the first few things that happen? Blood pressure, heart rate, height, and weight are taken. These tests (primarily speaking of heart rate and blood pressure) are performed to compare to normatives that have been established through research.

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Happy National Athletic Training Month!









Do your knees ache? Has sitting at a desk all day caused tightness or pain in your back? Are you tired of that constant ache in your shoulder?

We are here to help! The Wright State University Sports Medicine Department is now offering an on-campus injury clinic for all faculty and staff. This clinic is intended to help manage a variety of musculoskeletal aches and pains including:

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My Hamstrings Are Tight, Or So I Think…

Working in the healthcare field, and more specifically the world of sports medicine, we often hear the complaint of “my hamstrings are tight”. Stretching hamstrings goes hand in hand with taping ankles and filling water bottles for Athletic Trainers according to spectators of our profession. Countless minutes and hours in the span of our career are spent stretching the hamstrings of our patients whether it be before competition or as a part of the treatment regimen. What if I were to tell you that more often than not, our patients do not have structurally tight hamstrings?

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