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my hamstrings are tight, or so i think…
February 12, 2015, 10:01 am
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Working in the healthcare field, and more specifically the world of sports medicine, we often hear the complaint of “my hamstrings are tight”. Stretching hamstrings goes hand in hand with taping ankles and filling water bottles for Athletic Trainers according to spectators of our profession. Countless minutes and hours in the span of our career are spent stretching the hamstrings of our patients whether it be before competition or as a part of the treatment regimen. What if I were to tell you that more often than not, our patients do not have structurally tight hamstrings?

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Use as prescribed
January 28, 2015, 8:49 am
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It’s 2:03 AM. You just laid down after a long day of conditioning, classes, practice, and homework. You’re completely exhausted, but the time for sleep, sweet sleep, has finally come! You start to smile and drift off when your eyes fly open.

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New Year, new plan
January 14, 2015, 9:48 am
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As everyone jumps into their New Year’s resolutions with lofty goals and aspirations, we want to encourage you to consider adding another important goal to your regimen – Get More Rest!

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Defeat your “Arch” enemy

You wake up in the morning, roll out of bed to get in the shower and when you take that first step you get a severe shooting pain in your foot. It feel as if someone is stabbing a knife into the bottom of your foot. After you shower it seems to loosen little and by the time you get to work, your foot is sore but the pain is manageable. Most of the time you are still able to run and do your activity, although the soreness never completely subsides.

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mental health awareness and education
October 23, 2014, 10:03 am
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Mental illness is a phrase that usually makes people feel uncomfortable. There is a long standing stigma that addressing mental health personally means that in some way you aren’t good-strong-brave- resilient— enough. That seeking mental health care is a very negative experience to be saved for a time when you are truly ‘crazy.’ In recent studies there have been many things observed that act as a barrier to help seeking behavior.

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getting to the root of low back pain: Sacroiliac Dysfunction

In previous blogs we have attempted to shed some light on the low back pain that the majority of us experience every day. Unfortunately there are far too many potential causing factors when discussing the matter of low back pathology. Disk pathology, facet joint pathology, spinal column rotations, tight musculature, and muscle spasm are just a few examples of possible underlying causes of low back pain. Within this blog however, we will discuss the often frustrating and bothersome Sacroiliac dysfunction.

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Dominate doms!

You just dominated a high intensity workout. You increased your weight and ran farther than ever before and feel great. Nothing can stop you now – until you get out of bed the next morning. You roll out of bed like a baby deer taking its first step: stiff and awkward. What is this new awful pain you’re experiencing in your muscles? Delayed onset muscle soreness. Or better known as “DOMS” in the fitness world.

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