Life after college athletics

As the fall quarter is steadily progressing, graduation is truly a step ahead for the class of 2011. Life after college athletics doesn’t have to be as scary as it may seem. . . Many tools and resources are available to help student-athletes decide what their next step should be as the chapter of college competitive sport comes to an end. Always ideal to think and prepare ahead of time, now is the opportune moment to finalize resumes, condition for interviews, and search and apply for scholarships, internships, and/or grants.

Resumes should always be kept current. Valid information should be continuously updated and drafts revised by peers and mentors. Remember resumes’ most often serve as the initial representation of the individual when applying for a position and/or opportunity; make sure the document is prepared attentively and portrays who you are as a professional. Many

opportunities are available to prepare you for interview situations whether by phone or in person. Etiquette luncheons offered on campus are great occasions to brush up on interpersonal skills that will provide you with the extra edge to succeed in interviews. Scheduling informational interviews with mentors and/or professionals in the field is another great way to network and fine tune communication skills with the possibility of feedback and/or possible references.

Now is also a great time to begin to look for scholarships, internships and/or grants. Many forms of aid are available to the student-athlete for post graduate achievement.

Wright State University Career Services

Resume Help

Interview Tips

Post-graduate Aid/Opportunities


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