To Supplement, or not to Supplement, that is the question

As the year continues, fall and winter sports have begun offseason training programs and the spring sports are hitting their stride with spring championships in sight. One important thing to remember is that all athletes can, and will be, tested for drugs and alcohol in accordance with the WSU Substance Abuse Policy. These tests are conducted by both the university and the NCAA and athletes that are found to test positive for banned substances of any kind are held accountable for their actions.

Much has been said in the public domain about athletes that “unknowingly” test positive for banned substances. We do not need to either defend or bash these individuals on this site; however, it is important to learn from their mistakes. The NCAA has numerous resources in place to provide educational materials in regards to supplement and performance enhancing substance use, along with resources for dealing with addiction issues.

If you have questions regarding a specific supplement, do not hesitate to speak with a member of the sports medicine staff, or take advantage of one of the many programs sponsored and offered by the NCAA. Don’t worry; the NCAA programs are anonymous and confidential. The clerk at GNC or Vitamin World might not be the best source to use when determining if a supplement is safe to use, and even then, these supplements are not regulated, so you really do not have any idea of what they contain.

Our take home message to athletes is that it is a PRIVILAGE to compete in intercollegiate athletics and that there is a duty to follow the rules of the institution and the NCAA.

What you put in your body is YOUR responsibility!!!

Links: Drug Free Sport:

NCAA Drug Testing Program

NCAA Drug Policy FAQ


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