Rolling, Rolling, Rolling…


What are these things?

Are they pictures of the ocean glued to glass?

Are they blue sand art pieces?

Are they something left over from your parents trip to Woodstock?

The answer is none of these things. They are however, the most cost-effective way for active populations to provide “self myofascial release” (SMR).

What is “SMR” you ask? In the most basic of terms, it is using the body as a source of resistance to help provide massage to an area of discomfort, pain, adhesion, or tightness. You can use this technique to treat nearly every area of the body and at varying levels across the injury healing spectrum. It can be used in the acute, chronic, and maintenance phases with little modification.

In a perfect world, we clinicians would be able to place hands on all of our patients every day and whenever the athlete had a need. Unfortunately this is just not feasible. What is feasible though is using some of the techniques listed below to provide yourself the benefits of myofascial release whenever you like. All you need is a foam roller and some basic instructions, that’s it! Happy Rolling!!!!

Instructions and VIDEOS on rolling techniques

More Background information on foam rolling

Where to purchase foam rollers,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_cp.&fp=16faa59150434350&biw=1366&bih=667


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