Happy National Athletic Training Month!









Do your knees ache? Has sitting at a desk all day caused tightness or pain in your back? Are you tired of that constant ache in your shoulder?

We are here to help! The Wright State University Sports Medicine Department is now offering an on-campus injury clinic for all faculty and staff. This clinic is intended to help manage a variety of musculoskeletal aches and pains including:

– General Knee Pain

– Shoulder/Elbow Discomfort

– Low Back Soreness

– Hip Pain

– Ankle Injury

If you have an injury or pain that has been bothering you, or just have a general question, please do not hesitate to contact us by email at jason.franklin@wright.edu or adam.horseman@wright.edu and we can help schedule you for an appointment. We will be happy to assess your injury and provide some recommendations for ways to improve function and decrease pain. Be it a simple evaluation and home exercise program or a referral to physician specializing in care of your condition, we can assist you. Most appointments with us can be completed in less than 30 minutes.

For those of you that are looking to optimize athletic performance, we have appointments available for a Functional Movement Screen with our FMS certified specialist. Please email Brad at brad.muse@wright.edu to schedule your session.

If you have ever wondered about the best way to apply your KinesioTape, schedule an appointment with Jessat jessica.stanley@wright.edu and allow her the opportunity to help you.

All current faculty or staff members are eligible for our services, but we ask that you email in advance and schedule an appointment with our staff. Appointments in the injury clinic are available daily, but space is limited. As a reminder, this service is for WSU Faculty and Staff only. We are unable to see family members or friends that are not currently employed by the university.


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