Get right while you work

Currently, I have been at work for seven hours. I have been sitting at my desk for at least four of those hours. My neck is beginning to get stiff, I have a headache, and I am stressed out that I will not finish the things that I needed to get done today. All the […]

Alcohol and Injury

For someone that considers themselves to be an athlete, an injury can have a large impact on their life. Be it a recreational athlete that enjoys going out and playing in pickup games and leagues, or a professional athlete that relies on athletic performance to provide for their family, the key to returning to pain-free […]

I Like The Way You Move…

Every time you visit the doctor’s office what’s the first few things that happen? Blood pressure, heart rate, height, and weight are taken. These tests (primarily speaking of heart rate and blood pressure) are performed to compare to normatives that have been established through research. Now compare your visit with your family physician to an […]

My Hamstrings Are Tight, Or So I Think…

Working in the healthcare field, and more specifically the world of sports medicine, we often hear the complaint of “my hamstrings are tight”. Stretching hamstrings goes hand in hand with taping ankles and filling water bottles for Athletic Trainers according to spectators of our profession. Countless minutes and hours in the span of our career […]

mental health awareness and education

Mental illness is a phrase that usually makes people feel uncomfortable. There is a long standing stigma that addressing mental health personally means that in some way you aren’t good-strong-brave- resilient— enough. That seeking mental health care is a very negative experience to be saved for a time when you are truly ‘crazy.’ In recent […]