Alcohol and Injury

For someone that considers themselves to be an athlete, an injury can have a large impact on their life. Be it a recreational athlete that enjoys going out and playing in pickup games and leagues, or a professional athlete that relies on athletic performance to provide for their family, the key to returning to pain-free […]

Defeat your “Arch” enemy

You wake up in the morning, roll out of bed to get in the shower and when you take that first step you get a severe shooting pain in your foot. It feel as if someone is stabbing a knife into the bottom of your foot. After you shower it seems to loosen little and […]

mental health awareness and education

Mental illness is a phrase that usually makes people feel uncomfortable. There is a long standing stigma that addressing mental health personally means that in some way you aren’t good-strong-brave- resilient— enough. That seeking mental health care is a very negative experience to be saved for a time when you are truly ‘crazy.’ In recent […]

Dominate doms!

You just dominated a high intensity workout. You increased your weight and ran farther than ever before and feel great. Nothing can stop you now – until you get out of bed the next morning. You roll out of bed like a baby deer taking its first step: stiff and awkward. What is this new […]